Risk Assessment

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Risk Assessment: My promise to you

I have completed a risk assessment to ensure Government Guidelines and Professional Body Guidelines are being adhered to. This will include:

  • Before my clinic opens my clinic will be thoroughly cleaned.  This will include all surfaces, door handles, furniture and equipment in the room.
  • The clinic contains bare essentials meaning only towels and sundries needed for the current treatment are out.
  • Towels and bedding will be washed after each client at 60 degrees, dried and then stored in an airtight box.
  • Appointments will be spaced one hour apart to ensure clients don’t meet each and to allow for cleaning.
  • Between each client a full clean will take place.
  • An automatic hand sanitiser is situated at the entrance and should be used when entering or leaving.
  • I’ll wear a visor and mask for all treatments as stated by my professional bodies and government guidelines.
  • Payment should be made via contactless card machine or online before the appointment.
  • If I have symptoms of Covid 19 I will contact you and re-schedule your appointment.
  • If I am told to self-isolate I will contact you and re-schedule your appointment.
  • Treatment times will be restricted to one hour which means single treatment appointment for the foreseeable future.
  • For treatments which are considered high risk, e.g. facials, I will wear a visor and a Type 2 facemask. There will be increased hand washing / sanitising before and after the treatment.
  • I will be operating an appointment only system.
  • If you need a tissue I can provide these but will give you a small packet to take away with you.
  • The number of appointments I have each day will be limited to ensure all cleaning and hygiene measures are implemented.
  • All rubbish will be double bagged and disposed of.
  • If an item can’t be washed at 60 degrees or sterilised (e.g. mask brush) I will use disposable, one use items.

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