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Reflexology is a complementary therapy that is based on the principle that different organs and body systems are mapped on the feet. It is an extremely relaxing treatment which I have been carrying out for over 23 years.  I continue to attend regular study days which ensures I keep up to date with new techniques and improve my skills as a clinical reflexologist. Due to my in-depth training I am on the accredited register with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council for reflexology whilst also being a member of the Association of Reflexologists.CNHC register

On your first visit I’ll carry out a consultation including your medical history before asking you to remove shoes and socks. During your treatment some areas of your feet may feel slightly uncomfortable but I can reduce pressure to ensure it’s a relaxing experience.  I use a natural bees wax during treatments which has the added benefit of leaving your feet feeling nourished and re-hydrated.  Due to my qualifications many clients can claim back some of their treatment costs from their health care provider. If you wish to do this please check with your health provider before your first appointment.



Reflexology is thought to:

    • Increase circulation
    • Promote relaxation and reduce stress
    • Improve mental well-being and help balance the body

There are currently clinical trials taking place to evaluate the effectiveness of reflexology.


After the Treatment

At the end of a treatment people usually feel relaxed. You should:

  • Drink plenty of water and rest
  • Try to avoid alcohol


Reflexology – £38.00 (60 minutes)

Hot Stone Reflexology – £38.00 (60 minutes)


Trained by Sally Earlam

Trained by Sally Earlam

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